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Turn Your Regular Cake into an Extraordinary Cake with the Help of Projection Mapping One of the most essential elements in every type of special occasion such as wedding and birthdays are cakes. Cakes are also considered as one of the biggest highlights in any type of event or celebration. Any type of special occasion or event will never be complete if ever there are no cakes to cut, due to the fact that the cake cutting segment of the occasion is considered as tradition all over the world already. And we also need to make sure that we have the best and perfect cake that is highly appropriate for whatever type of celebration or theme we are having in our event. Luckily for us, cakes in this current day and age are significantly improving in terms of their taste, texture and appearance, and this is all thanks to the wonderful chefs and bakers all over the world. But not only that, since cakes in this current day and age, can even be transformed into some extraordinary object that will not only become the envy of your guest and family but also become the best entertainment in your party as well. And this is seriously all thanks for the projection mapping technology process that have made all this possible. The projection mapping technology is a form of system where it generally used to turn 3D objects or shapes to a mapping software so that it can then be displayed and projected through a surface area with the help of a certain device known as a video projector. In terms of projection mapped cake, the cake will be the main surface as of where the 3D objects, videos or shapes will be displayed. The type of cake that is usually used for projection mapped cake are generally cakes that have a much clearer surface, and the main reason as to why they use a cake that have a better surface is that it is generally difficult to project any object most especially videos on a rough surface type cake.
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Although it can ideally get hard if ever the cake is something made with a lot of designs and a much intricate surface, it is still ideally possible to project 3D objects with the help of professional video mapping individuals. Projection mapped cakes is nowadays one of the most popular type of cake all over the world. Most celebrants most especially the soon to be wives on their wedding day and kids on their birthdays will definitely love the features within a projection mapped cake, due to the fact that it is possible for them to add their own story and twist, but they should also be able to add their own videos and even their favorite shows or characters as well. Do not worry, the projection mapped cake is still going to be edible.What No One Knows About Weddings