Protect Your Retirement Savings With Gold

Most of us have savings for retirement – could be 401k accounts or IRAs. But do you know how these traditional accounts are managed and how they gain or lose value? If you’ve never explored this subject, it might be time for you to be more clued in so you are aware of how you are personally affected by national and international economies.

Nearly all 401k and IRA accounts are made up of a mixture of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds or money market funds. The accounts are usually managed by a third party hired by your employer to do exactly what they are doing – managing the mix of investment vehicles that hopefully make you money year over year as you leave what is in there and add to it every month. You might possibly have some ability to change the percentage on the mix of resources used, but this doesn’t always happen and you certainly don’t have the ability to change individual stocks or mutual funds in most cases.

This means that you are a total passenger with no control for this very important part of your potential retirement income. Getting some control can be difficult to impossible with traditional accounts, and when you understand how much you are at the mercy of others on this deal, it could make you nervous. In fact, it should make you nervous based on the financial forecasters predictions for the remainder of this year and going into the next – all are saying they expect a dip in the economy. The only question is the size of the dip – it could be a blip on the radar or it could be the next huge recession (we don’t want to think about the “D” word).

If you are nearing retirement, this could be cause for much worry since a huge hit on the stock market could wipe out years of incremental savings gains that you’ve seen in your investment accounts. As we all know, if this happens you are basically starting over and all the gains just go up in smoke. This is a daunting thought. Therefore, any way to mitigate this potential hit to your financial future needs to be explored and given serious thought.

One way to bring an additional element of safety and stability to your investment savings is by owning gold which is one of the most stable commodities of all time. Gold tends to remain constant, even in the face of stock market crashes. It generally rises in value when these hits come, actually, as everyone flocks to it as a safe haven. Getting some gold into your investments is easy, too. Goldco Precious Metals is a highly rated company that specializes in being able to convert IRA to gold for you – and it is at no additional cost to you.

Their process is easy and they provide excellent support and customer service during the procedures involved. All you really have to do is sign the paperwork and you’re set up. You’re owning one of the most treasured and predictable substances known to man – gold. Get yours from Goldco Precious Metals.

How to Make The Right Gold Investment

Want to make life beautiful? It’s easier now and you can invest your cash buying cold coins that would even help you to earn some good assets. Nowadays, gold is increasingly regarded as an important asset and investing in gold can be a nice way to earn some profits in future. However, before purchasing you should be well aware of some important facts that would help you to avoid wasting your hard-earned money. Once you get familiar with these features you can relax with the concept of investing in gold.

Tips to Follow

  • Here are some useful tips you need to know:
  • You should stay away from purchasing rare coins
  • Purchase 1-ounce coins as they tend to offer best value per gram
  • Compare the prices of each individual dealer before making a final decision
  • Go through the dealers’ policies and terms in advance

So, these are the features that would give you the confidence that you are on the right track to ensuring a fruitful outcome.

Common Options

Once you decide to invest in gold you can have the following options:

  • Gold ETF
  • Gold Fund of Funds
  • Investing in gold coins or bars
  • Jewellery buying
  • Equity Based Gold Funds

You can choose the one which you think would be the best one for you and you can even consult with an expert who can suggest which type can be suitable for you. We would recommend the purchase of physical gold or silver in the form of bars or coins. Comprehend the benefits along with the negative impacts and finally you go for a decision after analyzing the entire situation. Also, you need to understand the trading opportunities depending on which option you choose. Investing in Gold ETF can be carried out online and you can buy the gold funds online in a similar way as investing in mutual funds.

Know the Duties

While purchasing you need to be familiar with the taxes and VAT that would be levied, calculating the exact amount. The Gold Britannia and Sovereign Coins available in the UK are not included for the capitals gains tax or VAT as they are recognized as legal tender. Each product would come out with the individual fashion charges that the manufacturer issues to cover the production cost, packaging etc. First, you should plan exactly what you want to do and ahead accordingly know your money is used in the proper way.

Consider the Risk Factors

Here is the most important fact. Gold doesn’t include many risk factors other than the movement of the market and thus you can invest with peace of mind.

Invest in Mutual Funds That Makes Your Savings Count

When you plan to invest money into something, you have a list of options available for you to choose. You have a set of bonds, stocks, shares, savings, jewellery, land to invest in. You can choose the right combination of options that represents your demands and needs. We invest to fulfil certain demands and needs for our everyday life which include comfort, routine and travel.

It is a myth that only rich people should be investing in mutual funds. Investing in mutual funds can help you live a secured life and comforting life. mutual funds permits you to invest your money in a wide variety of stock units and securities which is taken care by a professional manager.

Types of Mutual Funds

When you plan to save you need to make your MF Investment plan and choose from a category that suits your wallet and desire to achieve something. Read below the following pointers to understand the different type of mf:

  • Money Markets Funds: You can invest in a short term fund plans of securities like the government bonds, commercial papers, certificates of deposit, etc. Since this is a government oriented one, they are a safe investment but the potential returns of these funds are very low as compared to other MF.
  • Fixed Income Funds: As the name suggests, these investments pay a fixed amount of returns. The main aim of this kind of MF investment is to let the money keep coming on a daily basis, generally through the money earned.
  • Equity Mutual Funds: Investing in mutual funds for this type is to buy stock units. The main aim of these mutual funds is to earn more money in a faster way. This is a risk-taking fund where you can lose your money. You can choose over a wide variety of fund options for this kind of plan.
  • Balanced Funds: As the name suggests, this fund plays a balancing act between income equities and income securities. The main aim of this is to get higher returns on the contrary of losing money.
  • Index Funds: With this kind of funds, they aim to make a way for the performance for a specific index. There are tendencies that the values of this index can become volatile and can have a lower costs than the actual MF.
  • Speciality Mutual Funds: The main focus of these funds are real estates, products and to invest in social responsibility. You can invest in companies that are ideals of environment safety, human rights and other companies that support humanitarian causes.
  • Fund to Fund: As the name suggests, one fund can invest in other funds. This makes modification easier for the investor.

How To Supplement Your Income And Increase Your Quality Of Life

Many people think about ways they can supplement their income. Perhaps you’re looking to save up a bit of extra cash for a holiday or you’re looking for a maybe you’re trying to get onto the property ladder. Regardless, we could all do with an extra bit of cash in our pocket. There’s a simple solution that won’t take up much of your free time. By taking part in paid surveys you can relieve the pressure on your bank account and relieve some of your financial stress.

Imagine what you could do with an extra 50 a month? That’s an extra 600 a year. That’s enough for a nice city break somewhere or maybe a selection of family meals out. Regardless of how you’ll spend it, having an extra bit of cash set aside to treat you and your loved ones would be exceptionally helpful. So how do we do it? If you follow these simple tips, you can make all of these goals a reality; some are a lot simpler than you’d think.

  • Complete Paid Surveys To Earn Valuable Vouchers By completing online paid surveysyou can earn valuable vouchers usable to purchase groceries, toiletries, household goods and other items that you purchase regularly.If this idea is appealing to you, you should consider visiting and filling out simple and fun online surveys about a wide range of topics. With such a wide range of topics, there’s little doubt you’ll find something you’re interested in. Simply by filling out a few surveys you’ll earn vouchers for high street retailers like Boots, Argos, Sainsbury’s, Topshop and many more.

    Every pound saved using vouchers is an extra pound towards that holiday you’ve been planning.

  • Become An Online Freelancer
    Less accessible than a paid survey. However this can be far more profitable. If you’re a skilled writer, programmer or artist you could sell your services to others over the internet for some quick cash. Websites like People Per Hour and Elance allow you to advertise your skills and find valuable clients willing to pay you for your skills. You could earn a lot of extra cash from the privacy of your own home. Who knows, this could start off as a way to simply supplement your income, but it could transform into a profitable business.
  • Sell Unwanted Items On eBay This is one we can all do. Have a look around your home; can you spot anything you no longer want/use/need? Perhaps you should put them on eBay and earn yourself some extra cash. Before you think “nobody would want this”, just remember one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. This thread on the Money Saving Expert forums shows the diversity of what you can actually sell on eBay. Many people buy broken items to either repair or to use parts from, just remember to give accurate descriptions of your items.If you’re still unsure how selling broken/faulty items can be profitable, consider the following example. Let’s pretend you have a guitar that you’ve not played in years and the electronics in it have broken over time. List it on eBay as broken. In the description write that the electronics are not working and somebody will likely purchase it as a project in order to refurbish the guitar. Easy cash for something you would have otherwise thrown away.

Tips Before You Choose An Financial Adviser

Something you should be clear about right at the first: A financial adviser is no God-send messiah whom you must bow to; neither is he doing you any one-sided favour. He has honed his skills over the years so that you can spot him right away in the crowd and while he is doing you a favour by setting your financial course right, you are also doing the same to him by giving him a chance to prove himself and add another plume to his hat. A financial adviser is no one without his clients, so deal things professionally. You have every right to know what’s behind each step he takes and guidelines that he is following; from your side, you must be fair with his fees and must not expect to move mountains in exchange of molehill-amounts. We hope that settles the doubts that made the task of choosing a suitable financial advisor seem daunting earlier in time.

It primarily depends on the kind of advice you need. The key to find the right financial adviser is getting done some work yourself, the first one of which is about knowing what you need the advice for.

Is it to manage your pensions? Year-long savings? Or, a long-term care planning? Maybe equity releases? Each of these got specialised advisers working for; the right selection will multiply your benefits many times beyond your expectations. You get specialised services even for devising your insurance plans. Home, car, travel – it can be anything.

Personal recommendations from friends or another family member are okay, as long as the recommended service provider can show a proven track record of positive accomplishments. Most of the time, it’s enough for people to built their trust upon a nice treatment; well, nicety and accounts are two different things.

It’s easiest when you are a member of a union or an affinity group and have access to financial advisers they have selected. Else, find out one on your own. Make sure all those who you would be going to and will be selecting from are under some regulatory board (like Financial Planning Services, and Bookkeeping For Small Business). It ensures the service provider will stick to the ethical means and won’t be able to jeopardise your resources with weird experimentations and whims. It binds them by rules they must follow when dealing with you. However, it also means they will have a consultation fee which you need to pay, whether you appoint him on your job later or not. Such advisers will always carry higher levels of educational qualifications.

As a rule of thumb, you must remember the following:

  • You’ll find them either independent or with restricted capabilities. Independent financial advisers deal in all types of retail investment products whereas restricted advisers are restricted in the type of products they offer.
  • Almost all offer holistic financial planning, which is providing advice on all aspects of required financial needs.
  • Insurance brokers are also considered Financial Planning Advisor and don’t normally charge apart from the premium for an insurance product.
  • The investing world runs on its own language. You must know the core ones in your type of financial advising sector so that you don’t get ridiculed with what you are saving for and the route to it. Essentials give you proper guidance and at the end, you’ll do fine.

Avoid Guilt with Green Investing

When it comes to the world of finance, it comes as no surprise that corruption is waiting around every corner. Sadly, a vast amount of what most people consider corrupt is actually completely fair and legal in a business sense. When you are an investor, you want to make sure that you are doing what is best by your money and our morals. You cannot, in good faith, support a company that completely goes against everything you stand for, no matter how good the money might be. This is why it is a good idea to consider green investing. This is a new kind of investing strategy that can help you to feel better and avoid guilt by aligning yourself with companies that match your own code of ethics. To help you out with your choices, here are a few bits of information about how you can get involved with green investment management and begin making a real difference in how you use your money.

Green Investing for Beginners

To start the ball rolling, you might be curious about what green investing entails. Also known far and wide as socially responsible investments, or SRIs, this is a type of investment that is all about making sure that the companies you are supporting match what you believe is right and what you believe is wrong. If, for example, you are a big fan of the environment, you are going to want to make sure that you are not supporting any companies that stand against what you hold dear. It can be hard to get the peace of mind that you need when you know your money is going towards destroying the planet that you are always talking about and living on. Make sure that your morals are met the way that they should be and consider exploring the power of aligning yourself with green investment management.

Breathe Easy

Guilt can be a powerful master. When you feel shame or guilt over something that you did, it can make your life a mess. You will lose sleep, you will not be able to eat, and you will fixate on the one specific detail that made you feel this way. When it comes to investing, it is easy to feel guilty. A lot of companies have shady policies and practices, and generally these are the ones that can yield you the most from your investments. Luckily, you are not someone who ignores your morals for a little bit of money. The biggest advantage that you can expect when you begin your path towards green investing is a clear conscience. You will not have to worry about your ethical code being violated because you will know exactly how your money is being used by those that you are giving it to with your investments. Learn a little bit about the marketplace and make the choices that will allow you to sleep at night when you look into the power of socially responsible investments.

Money is powerful. If you are giving your money to the wrong company, you are supporting a cause that goes against your own morals. Remedy this by being on top of your game and looking into what an SRI can do for your future.

10 Financial Opportunities to Consider in 2017

The start of a new year is a great time to take stock of your financial life. Have you done all that you can to put yourself in the best possible position? Or, have you missed out on some important financial opportunities? Take a look at where you stand and consider these key opportunities that could make a big difference in your financial life in 2017 and beyond:

1. Revisit your financial goals

You may have established financial goals a year ago or maybe it has been several years. Either way, it makes sense to revisit your goals and make sure they are still consistent with the direction of your life and dreams for the future. Make adjustments if anything has changed.

2. Build a sufficient emergency fund

One of the most fundamental forms of financial security is having money set aside in a “rainy day” fund to meet any emergency needs. You don’t want an unexpected expense to result in a major financial setback. It’s best to have a minimum of three-to-six months of expenses set aside, and up to a year if you can.

3. Save on interest payments

First and foremost, if you have outstanding credit card debt, make it a priority to pay down this costly form of borrowing as fast as you can. Also, take a closer look at the interest rate on your home mortgage. If it’s notably higher than today’s market rates, look into refinancing to reduce your monthly payment and put the money you save to better use.

4. Take advantage of your workplace retirement savings plan

If you participate in a 401(k) or 403(b) plan at work, make sure you are, at the very least, contributing enough into the plan to take full advantage of any employer match. It’s a “free money” opportunity and should not be overlooked. To the extent you can afford to do so, consider contributing more than the match amount to your plan.

5. Capitalize on “catch-up” contribution rules

If you are age 50 or older, you can boost contributions to your workplace savings plan and individual retirement account (IRA) by taking advantage of so-called “catch-up” rules. This can mean investing tens of thousands of additional dollars over time to help secure your financial future.

6. Establish Roth savings if you qualify

Roth IRAs and Roth 401(k)s allow you to build retirement savings with after-tax dollars where all distributions may qualify for tax-free treatment in the future. The potential for tax-free income in retirement can be an important benefit.

7. Make sure you are comfortable with your portfolio

Are you constantly worried what could happen to your portfolio in a market downturn because you’re taking on too much risk? On the flip side, do you think your portfolio needs to be more aggressive to keep up with your financial goals (knowing that there’s always risk with reward)? If you come up short in either area, it may be time to revisit your investments and make appropriate changes.

8. Review your protection strategy across all aspects of your life

Do you have sufficient life insurance in place to protect your loved ones? Is disability income coverage part of your mix? Are you protected against the risk of specialized care costs later in life? Are your home and personal possessions properly covered? Make sure you have a comprehensive protection strategy in place to prepare for unexpected events.

9. Get a handle on your taxes

Review past tax returns and your current financial situation with a tax professional who can help you find potential ways to reduce your tax liability. If charitable giving or volunteering is important to you, consider the tax implications of your donations.

10. Solidify your legacy plan

Make sure your will, health care directives and trust documents reflect your current priorities. Review and if necessary, update beneficiary designations on retirement accounts, bank accounts and insurance policies.

The Financial World Is in Shock and People Are Stunned

The revelation of major tax fraud has come to the fore with the release of millions of documents from a law firm in Panama. It reveals that government leaders are either involved money laundering and hiding wealth to avoid tax or their family members. Some of the biggest companies; the heads of major corporations; mining giants; business people; and crooks in general including drug dealers have their identities suppressed while moving trillions of dollars around the world.

The repercussions will be huge as people are angry who pay taxes and are virtually paying for these wealth crazed individuals to cheat on them. This is just one more wound in the already injured World Order that includes governments, financial institutions, and religions. It is the latter that is most at fault.

Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit of the Universe it commissioned me to tear down the wall of blindness and bring in the harvest. Everyone who has lived is back and those who have maintained a link to God are to be collected and saved. They are called the children of Israel but they have nothing to do with Judah or the country by that name.

We are at the end of the day and things are changing – quickly. Those who seek power through wealth are fools for they have traded their spiritual link for money. They are deaf and blind to the Spirit and seek power through manmade wealth.

That link is the little voice within and the sub-conscious mind which leads and guides. We consult it on a regular basis for solutions to problems and a path forward when lost. Those who use money to bypass this connection are about to suffer the consequences.

To do the task given to me the Spirit provided the knowledge required and that took me to Babylon, the start of Islam and the sun-star Mary. This remarkable image was stylised into a woman whom men thought they could ‘marry’. The people of the city were the Amors and they built Roma (reverse Amor). One of their numbers was Constantine who established the Catholic Church in 325 AD and he put up the image of Jesus Christ and reinstated Mary as the Mother of God.

He also established the financial system that has now reached a point where it will be shown for what it is. It is the product of the man identified as 666 in Revelation 13:18 and anyone dealing in wealth has his number on their forehead. The retribution of the Spirit is now playing out and those who have cheated in this way will be the first to feel God’s fury.

Money defies spiritual power and it is a false god that cannot be worshiped by those who seek to know God in truth. Everyone who has lived is back and the Mountain of God was promised to appear in the last day. It is the Internet and the truth is pouring from it to bring light into the world of darkness and there is none darker than that of religion and finance.

The World Is Reeling From This Financial Scandal

People will do almost anything for money and honesty goes out the window when for some giving it back to the government or the people through taxation can be avoided. Giant companies whose directors are paid in the millions are part of the biggest swindle of all time. They hide their money in off-shore bank accounts where their anonymity was supposedly protected. The code of silence about who they are and the companies they form for this purpose was broken.

Suddenly and with their wealth at stake they are named and shamed. From the leaders to their cohorts, from drug dealers to supplies, and from company executives to ex tax office accountants, they are all in on it. Grabbing the pot of gold and running with it is their aim and the thought that they are robbing their own countries and people is of no concern to them.

Cheats never prosper is a cliché that may now be truer than ever. It is hard to imagine how this stain will wear off their characters or how they may explain their future dealings. When miners take from the ground to build their wealth one would think that they would willingly give back to the country from which they took it.

Deception of this nature built a huge wall that hides the Spirit of the Universe from view. Most who engage in such cheating are religious as they derive something from their ‘faith’ to eliminate their guilt. But the real God has seen what they do and has now exposed it.

Following my reincarnation and with a link to the Spirit it commissioned me to tear down the wall of blindness and bring in the harvest. As the work has progressed over the last 3-4 decades there is a breaking down as people wake up to the way they are tricked and victimised by both governments and big business.

The world of commerce is the product of 666 (Revelation 13:18) and his name and number were shown to me in a vision. He is Constantine who brought in many systems that remain part of the World Order, including the Catholic Church which forgives every one of their sins. It is easy to cheat if someone states that God forgives you. They, however, are the bigger fools as there is no such elimination of evil.

Money and the Last Days

Overpopulation is a curse on the earth, but a blessing for business. One has to listen to the politicians to understand why they want more migration into a country like Australia, which seems crowded and highly over-priced. A high-rise apartment in Sydney is now worth more than a castle or villa in countries in Europe. The German Chancellor saw increased migration as a solution to her country’s decline in working age people and it started the great rush into Europe by Muslims.

Because of money people invested heavily in houses in capital cities in Australia forcing their prices up by the shortage it has created. The result is there are now thousands of empty homes held by investors (mostly from overseas) while thousands live on the streets unable to afford the exorbitant rents.

A business man was interviewed by the media recently in his tent in a local park. It seems that even one’s income cannot guarantee a home. Not so long ago houses sold for $500 in suburbs where they now fetch upwards of a million. All that in my adult life.

Money and greed is killing the earth and people are now so caught in the spiral of wealth versus logic that there can be no stopping it. It’s a highway to heaven for many but what’s the consequence for the rest. On the other side of the coin poverty is increasing, starvation is growing, diseases are multiplying, wars are happening, and climate change is destroying the world.

One of the major things in my vision of the world has to do with my reincarnation and a feeling that all who have lived are now back. In other words, there is no heaven or hell but a Spirit God that fills all of space and that is also in control of human behaviour. It’s the only logical conclusion for why greed and wealth have such prominent roles in what are shaping up to be the last days.